Cloud Solutions

inq. cloud

Access a range of functionalities and applications simply by connecting to the cloud.

Instead of acquiring, maintaining, upgrading and managing your infrastructure and software, your business can choose our managed hosted services which transfers the technology risk to us. At the same time, you focus on your core business.

Our inq. cloud enable you to access a range of functionalities and applications only by connecting to the cloud.

Our inq. cloud include:

Cloud Data Management

Cloud Solutions that keep your IT infrastructure Safe

Our enterprise-grade cloud solutions will protect your network and IT infrastructure – preventing unauthorized access and keeping your data safe.

Cloud Iaas

Bespoke infrastructure solutions tailored for your business needs

Businesses today are tasked with running an IT infrastructure to suit their critical applications and performance needs.

Cloud Connectivity

With the inq. Cloud Connectivity you stay always connected, increase collaboration

Everything, from email, web access, networking, backups, video conferencing, and specialised applications rely on connectivity.

Benefits of our inq. cloud for your business:

Reductions in both capital and operational costs

Mobile and productive workforce – connect to the cloud from anywhere

Access to the latest software and business applications

State-of-the-art security from your company network, systems and business applications, right down to your email

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