Keep your business connected with reliable and scalable Internet solutions that can grow with your business. Whether you are in a metropolitan or a suburban area, you can almost immediately connect your business to the Internet without having to wait any longer.


Our solutions are:

Residential & SME Broadband Internet

Broadband Internet services play an important role in any business, in any industry, & the home. It provides a cost-effective, high capacity service that enables the small business to be competitive and innovative. Broadband Internet also provides residential users with high-speed internet services for access to research, news, for communication, & online entertainment.

Fixed Wireless

inq. offers premium capacity broadband internet services via our fixed wireless infrastructure. inq. offers specific business & residential broadband packages, ensuring optimum capacities are available at preferred times. inq. does not have a CAP limit on these services, but we do offer a recommended usage per package, based on the specific package speeds. The service runs over inq.’s fixed wireless infrastructure, thus there is no requirement for any BTC telephone lines. The service is limited to the greater Gaborone area.

Enterprise Dedicated Connectivity

In today’s world, connectivity plays an ever-increasing role in any business. The quality of this connectivity has a direct relationship with an organisation’s communication & transactional capabilities. inq. offers a dedicated (CIR) internet service as a platform for any successful business to operate on. This provides synchronous internet capacity (equal upload & download capacity), high-performance internet access, and is scalable to any desired capacity. This service has unlimited usage (no CAP) and comes standard with a Service Level Agreement (SLA), ensuring business continuity. The service can be delivered via inq.’s fixed wireless network or metro ethernet.

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