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inq. Video AI

inq. Video-AI

inq. Video AI service integrates video surveillance management systems with APIs to gather data. Data collected from your AI algorithm-enabled devices like video cameras and associated platforms (CCTV) are then filtered and stored in the cloud for further analysis.

The inq. Video AI include:

Intelligent Security

Automatic monitoring and alerting across your organization using your existing camera infrastructure

inq. Video AI Intelligent Perimeter Security provides you automatic monitoring and alerting across your organisation by tapping into the current camera.

Retail Analytics

Customized retail analytics and real time information of your store

inq. Video AI Retail Analytics solution provides real-time information about your stores.

Compliance as a Service

Convert your existing surveillance camera infrastructure into detecting compliance and safety deviations

inq. Video AI, Compliance as a Service solution allows you to convert your existing surveillance camera infrastructure into seeing various compliance.

Inq. Video AI

Surveillance to the next level

Machines Analyzing Surveillance report

Using software to analyse data gathered

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